Thomas Hintz Consulting

About Me

Hello, my name is Thomas Hintz. I'm a software consultant and engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have over a decade of experience building web applications. I have an extensive business development background as well. I've started and run a number of software companies so I know how to balance the interests between business with technical plans to build something high quality in the time frame given.

I absolutely love building things and programming. I've been doing it since I was a kid in middle school and I still love it. I've been building applications since I my cousin first taught me how to do a web search for "HTML tutorial". And now after all those years I still spend my time building and learning new technologies.

When I'm not programming or working on business development I spend my time biking, hiking, and looking for wildlife. You can often find me hiking in the hills around the East Bay, biking around Mt Diablo, or tide pooling on the coast.